Medical-Diagnostic Center (MDC) «Sonyachna Dolyna» is located in the zone of the balneologic/spa resort «Sonyachne Zakarpttya». This is 11 km away from Svalyava, Transcarpathian region, in the valley of the V.Pynya river (basin of Latoritsa) between volcanic and Polonynsky ridges of the Ukrainian Carpathians, at an altitude of 340 m above the sea level, in the natural area Tihiy (Quiet) in the heart of the Carpathian forests.

Ecologically clean area, the splendid forest air and the healing mineral water «Polyana Kvasova» creates excellent conditions for recreation, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

How to get to MDC «Sonyachna Dolyna»:

  • By train, go to the railway station "Svalyava".
  • By the motor transport, take the route Kyiv-Chop (M06 E50) to Svalyava, then take the road (T07 12) to the village Polyana.

Satellite coordinate of the «Sonyachna Dolyna» (GPS) - 48.62508, 22.947071

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