To serve our guests' comfort in the boarding house there is an information center that provides full information about the list of our services and helps to choose the excursion programme to make your stay interesting and exciting.

We offer series of excursions - «Discover the wonderful world of Transcarpathia».

Excursion «A town over Latorica» (4 hours)

The vacationers visit Mukachevo, get familiar with the history and legends of castle "Palanok" (XII-XVII), they also learn about the basic conditions of the castle in 1688 and the story of Ilona Zrinyi, the prominent hostess of the castle.

After visiting the castle the holiday-makers can visit the souvenir shops and also have a walk in the old town: they can visit the City Hall, the Russian Drama Theatre, The palace of Rakoczi (White House), the St. Martin Church and the chapel of XIV century.

The vacationers will also become familiar with the history and current life of St. Nicolas Monastery.

Excursion «Flame of Love» (2 hours)

An evening walk by torchlight in Saint Miklos castle, the guests can immerge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and learn about the love-story that the walls of the castle kept as a secret…

Excursion «Secrets of Sch?nborn castles» (4 hours)

During the tour guests will visit the castle "Beregvar" and learn about the relationship between the old Italian family Di Frasco and the health resort "Carpati", they will also learn about one depiction on a stained-glass window.

They will have a walk in the medieval castle "Saint Miklos" and feel the atmosphere of the time.

During the tour guests will get to know the legends associated with this castle.

Excursion «Treasures of wine-makers» (4 hours)

Guests will visit degustation halls of family-wineries in Transcarpahia: Sos K.K., here you can taste 18 varieties of wine and hear the story of their origin.

After degustation you will be able to buy the most tasty sorts of wine.

If the guests choose this option - they can have a dinner at the oldest reasturant in Transcarpathia - "Zlata Pava" or visit the thermal pool with +30°Ń water temperature.

Excursion «Ungvar- the old town» (7-8 hours)

During the excursion guests will visit an inn, which is also a volk museum about Transcarpathian life and architecture "Deca u notarja", they will also visit the unique Uzhgorod castle, and learn some interesting facts about the owners of the castle.

The guests will also have a nice lunch in national colours.

The holiday-makers will also have a walk in the centre of the old town, from Korzo str. till Voloshin str. Guests will have the opportunity to visit the local shops.

After Uzhgorod, the guests will see a unique architectural ensemble of Nevitskij castle (ruins).

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