The legend about the first mineral water spring

Long-long ago, before the Tatar-Mongol invasion this happened. There lived a Hunter in the Carpathian Mountains, whose young wife fell ill and died. So he was left with his three sons and one daughter. And so they grew up without a mother. The sun rarely pleased them with its rays, because they lived on the northern slope of the mountain. Suddenly the girl fell sick, and every day she faded more and more and got weaker. Once, she had a dream that she was hovering as a butterfly, then she sailed up into the clouds as a strange bird over the beautiful valley. And this valley was dotted with colorful spring flowers. The girl woke up with great relief and told the dream to her family. Her father understood that this was a sign. He asked his sons to go and find this piece of paradise for their beloved sister. Later, the elder brother came back with a white flower.

- Have you seen these flowers in your dream? - He asked his sister.
- These, but there were other colors too - she answered.

Middle brother brought a flower, as blue as the sky.

- Have you seen such flowers? - He asked.
- Such, but other colors too.

The youngest brother brought a purple flower. The girl saw in her dream such flowers too, but all the colors of flowers were on one meadow, in one valley, and not separately white, separately blue and apart the violet ones.

Therefore, they decided to go to look for that vital valley the girl dreamed about together. Long was their way through forests and mountains. Once, they spent a night on the mountain, under the spreading beech. In the morning, the girl woke up the first, feeling that the warm ray of the sun touched her face.

- How sunny! - She exclaimed, and woke everyone up. The first thing they saw was a large sunny valley, dotted with tender spring flowers, exactly like those that the sick girl saw in her dream. Descending into this valley, the travellers were amazed for on every flower there sparkled a diamond dewdrop, and in every dewdrop, there was the sunshine. Millions of sunshines dazzled their eyes, but they could not tear their eyes away from such a beauty. The girl leaned towards the flowers in order to get herself such sunshines. However, as only she touched a flower, the dewdrop gently rolled down the stem and disappeared in the ground. The girl got sad that so many sunshines hid in the ground. The disease stepped up harder and harder, and she became despirited.

This time her brothers got to the work too. They dug a shallow well for their sister, hoping that the sunshines would come back. The well became filled with water. At the bottom of the well, merrily smiling, the midday sun was reflected from the sky.

The girl tried to get it. She dived into the water, and the sun suddenly turned into millions of playful splashes, which sprinkled the girl from head to toe. Cheerful and happy, she rose up, and breathed the air with her full breast. Astonished father and the brothers have noticed the blush playing on her cheeks, and joy glittering in her eyes. They understood that their sister`s illness was defeated. They decided to settle down in this valley, because they found here the health and the comfort. Once a feeble girl eventually has recovered completely, all because every day she went to the well and dived into it, when the sun was high, and it generously sent its light and warmth to this valley.

Thus, the friendly family revealed the first healing spring in this valley. The valley was called "Sonyachna" - Sunny. And the healing water, according to the legend, was infused on flowers. It takes its power from the Earth, its energy from the Sun, and returns to the people to heal their ailments.

The brothers went into the world to announce about water`s miracle-working power to the people. Many deseased people came here, and all of them recovered thanks to the healing properties of this water. A prince fell in love with the girl and took her away with him. Old-timers say that, when somewhere between buildings or along the road, or under the fence, and on the valley too, the fragrant spring first flowers begin to bloom, the girl from the legend returns for the dew of these flowers. With her tender hand, she whisks the dewdrops full of sunshine into the ground. Those dewdrops, enriched with miraculous power of the Mother-Earth, return to us for improving our health.

And the father, devoted to his children, after his death became a stone boulder, and solemnly stands there in the forest, protecting the miraculous power of this land and constantly giving the healing water, enriched with natural minerals, as well as the silver springs, which carry with their continuous stream nutritive energy and health to the people. Therefore, our Mother Nature will surely lead anyone staying in the resort house «Sonyachna Dolyna» to recovery!

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